Cloud Computing Services

Our cloud computing services save our clients the expense and hassle of owing and maintaining their own IT Infrastructure. By providing on-demand access, our clients can review, store, back-up data with unmatched ease. Cloud computing is not only a cost-optimization strategy but also a great tool to safeguard data. Our experts help our clients in creation of dashboards, reports, reviewing codes and other project implementation requirements.

Our cloud computing services includes:

  • Software Architecture: Analyzing of application requirement and design architecture
  • Code review and architecture consulting
  • Cloud: Migration of applications on cloud like Azure or AWS, Monitoring and multilevel support
  • BI: Support Services in MSBI, SAP BO (including Dashboards and Reports)
  • DBA: Oracle, MS SQL (Monitoring, Back-up and Migration)
  • Mobile App: Enterprise as well as public facing Native Apps for Android and iOS platforms

Our services under Architecture Designing include:

Through AWS, we enable our clients in building a number of sophisticated applications for their businesses. Irrespective of the industry or size, our clients can run every imaginable use-case on AWS. Here are some of the most common applications of AWS:

  • Detailed oriented, High-level design document: consisting of Application Architecture, Hardware & Software Requirement
  • Low-level design document: consisting class diagram and method details
  • Code review: to ensure that code written by developers is as per industry standard. This also acts as a quality check for ensuring a swift performance and ease of maintenance.